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Monthly Meeting Recap - Nov. 1, 2016


Review of Recent Events

>> Chili Cookoff Recap

Good turnout over all but some people who RSVPd didn't show (roughly 20). So we were a few chilis short. Considering going back to an evening event - November 4, 2017. Need to lock down date w/Fr. Brown. Should we make kids' option dessert or appetizer? Consider how to split up the room to make it a bit more intimate and promote mingling. Will work on details closer to the date. 50/50 Raffle was a bit more successful than last year. Prizes were a hit. Consider celebrity judges for next year!


>> Soccer Wrap-Up Party 10/15/16

Party went well overall - people loved the BBQ and kids' contests. Soccer league finished with a rainout on 10/22 but really successful. Working on a spring league. Talking about indoor but struggling with location. Cost is an issue for a lot of indoor facilities.


>> Art House Grant

Digital arts program - OBCDC/Ramses applying for a grant $5,000-20,000. Grant due 11/7. Art House would facilitate program and will be implemented in the community. 

>> Sing & Swing/Broadway School of Music & the Arts


Jeff met with S&S and they want set up in a centralized CLE neighborhood and picked Old Brooklyn - for kids up to age 8. Will join us at next meeting. Emily Holtel-Hoag contacted Kristen about the Broadway School of Music & the Arts partnering with OBFG. They are meeting 11/3 to discuss.

>> RecessCLE

Pop up "recess" at different spots in OB. Could be parking lots, rec centers, parks. OBFG could host a pop up recess day. Some of the local schools have expressed interest as well. 11/17 test-run at Ben Franklin. 

>> OBFG Basketball Clinic/Tournament at Estabrook Rec Center

Working on clinic dates - Saturday 1/14, 1/21 & 1/28. Hour to hour and a half clinics. Still have to lock down March tournament date. Considering 3/4 or 3/11. Hoping to have a small fee to register for clinics/tournament and provide t-shirts. Thinking 4th/5th grade and 6th/7th grade. Possibly younger grades if we the hoops at Estabrook can be lowered. Registration for tournament separate from clinics but have to participate in clinics to play in tournament. Will need to be pre-registered. 

>> OBFG to be featured in the next Old Brooklyn News

Tricia Chavez contacted Kristen about the story and they spoke earlier this week. The article will be a profile on the group and what we've accomplished and would like to do in the future.

Upcoming Events

>> OB Small Business Saturday - Saturday 11/26


Renee has 5 businesses committed and still talking to 4: BA Sweetie, Jack Frost, Sausage Shoppe, OB Cheese & Cleveland Jam committed - Fred's Breads, Michael's Bakery, Athens & Cake Royale contacted. Participants should save receipts, write contact info on back of receipts. Each receipt equals one entry into raffle. Receipts should be placed into box at establishment. Holly & Meghan will put together boxes. Kristen & Lisa offered to drop boxes off to businesses. Laura & Lisa will pick up boxes 5 minutes before each business closes. Other volunteers are welcome to help out.

Trying to get prizes from Zoo, AMC Cinemas Ridgepark, Pearlbrook Carwash, Wexler's. 3 winners will be chosen from the receipts.

>> Cookies & Cocoa with Santa - Saturday 12/3 - 12-3pm


OBFG partnering with the Old Brooklyn Collaborators. We've been asked to run the craft rooms and cookies/cocoa. Need 10 volunteers for each room. Gateway Church, Christ Church & OBCS 8th graders to run the rooms. OBFG core members to help people organizing. Could use a few extra hands - will put a call out for volunteers.

>>  December Meeting - Ornament Decorating - Tuesday 12/6 - 6:30pm

Meghan looking into some sort of ornament project. OBFG can pay for pizza - look into Dina's catering menu. Ramses to make the arrangements. People must RSVP to attend so we can have an accurate count. Vinnie to supply trivia game. Bring hot glue guns if you have them!

>>  Board Game Night - Friday 1/20 - 6-9pm

Bring appetizer or dessert to share. OBFG to provide drinks. See if OBCDC can provide pizza. Encourage RSVP for count. 

Next meeting: Tuesday, December 6th - Holiday Party!

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