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Monthly Meeting Recap - September 5, 2017


Review of Recent Events

>> OBFG Summer Arts Series 2017


Another successful summer. Programs were really well received, participants were great to work with. Only one major fail - Recess CLE didn't show up on their scheduled night. Never got a good reason aside from the guy didn't realize he had a scheduled time. Thought he could show up whenever. 

New relationships were established with Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Mariela Paz/Sabor Miami, City Dogs, CLE Metroparks Nature Tracks. All look forward to participating again next summer. We also have a much stronger relationship with CMA/Art Truck but we'll have to figure out contact for next year since Ramses has left OBCDC.

Concession stand and fundraising partnership with Country Boy Kettle Corn also very successful. Need to discuss our options for next summer - maybe having them run more concessions to reduce burn out on volunteers. Also possibly reconfigure the beer sales to be more separate and run more by OBCDC Board members.

Continue working on recruiting volunteers...

>> OB Smorgasbord


Great event. Concession sales gave us a nice boost in summer earnings. Kids Zone was a hit and OMG (handled the inflatables/games) was great to work with. Look forward to coming up with even better options for next summer.

>> Pedal for Prizes

Concession sales were OK but the event isn't really concession friendly. Ordered too much pizza, but were able to sell cheaper later in the day to move some of it. People tend to eat when they're out riding and didn't expect the concessions to be there. We did get a few donations from attendees. Free fruit (provided by Honey Hut) was definitely enjoyed. Possibly next year think drink sponsor and sunglass giveaway - more of an OBFG branding opportunity. Possibly first aid element to our offerings?

Upcoming Events

>> Safety Town - Saturday September 30th

OBCDC purchased left over water and drinks from OBFG for Safety Town. OBFG has been asked to help with purchasing food/drink. Anna Maria and Lisa have volunteered to distribute food at the event and promote OBFG.


>> Fall-O-Ween - Saturday October 28th

Possibly use extra grant money to pay for the band since Recess CLE missed their night. Or put it toward the pumpkin art.

Christ Church being asked to run games, help with pumpkin decorating. Sandy looking into Pat Catan's donation for the art/decor items.

>> Chili Cookoff - Saturday November 4th - 6pm

Mary Queen of Peace - Marian Lounge

>> Cookies & Cocoa with Santa - Saturday December 2nd - Noon? Checking on date...

Same as last year? Details coming soon

Additional Information

>> Cleveland Transformation Alliance - Sept. 16, 23 & 30th / Oct. 7, 14, 21st

Saturday Family Academy - Free non-credit course to promote education, empowerment and success for the whole family.

Next meeting: Tuesday October 3rd

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