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Monthly Meeting Recap - Sept. 6, 2016


Summer Ed Series Remaining Grant/Concessions Money

>> Roughly $1400 is left from our grant funding. The group has chosen to use it toward these items:

  • Pancakes & Picasso -- Dive-In Movie event to make up for rain out of last movie night  **See Upcoming Events below for details

  • Paying for 1 yr. of hosting OBFG website 

  • 2 OBFG yard signs for events

  • Generator (split by grant and concessions money)

  • Pop up tent

Upcoming Events

>> Pancakes & Picasso / Dive-In Movie ~ Saturday, September 24, 2016 ~ 1-5p


This event will be co-hosted by Gateway Church Old Brooklyn and held at Estabrook Rec Center. P&P will run from 1-3p with pancakes, drinks, kids crafts --including Art House artists -- and other activities. We will raffle gift cards to Jack Frost and Dina's as door prizes for those who register info with us. The movie will be in the pool area from 3-5p. We'll be showing Finding Nemo and attendees will be able to watch it while floating in the pool (bring your own float). Popcorn provided by us.

>> Raspberry Picking at Rosby's ~ Sunday, October 2, 2016 ~ 1:30-3p


Still working out the details, but ideally would like to offer a discount on a pint of berries. Meet new neighbors, pick berries and hang out after for a snack in the garden. Similar event to OB Greenhouse Tour.

>> Chili Cookoff ~ Saturday, October 29, 2016 ~ 6-9:30p


2nd Annual OBFG hosting of the Chili Cookoff at Mary Queen of Peace. Will run the same voting format as last year including Kids' Bakeoff and coloring contest. Would like to bring in a couple more raffles possibly. Ask BA Sweetie for donation for coloring contest prize - Dina's, Cake Royale, Don Gi's for chili/dessert prizes. Christ Church expressed interest in participating in this event as well - maybe face painting/balloon animals?

Other Topics

>> OB Soccer League ~ OBFG/Boy Scout Concessions


In order to get rid of the left over concessions from the last movie night we are going to partner with the OB Boy Scouts to sell the remaining stock at the September 10th OB Soccer games. The Scouts need a way to earn money for a camping trip so if all goes well we will have them manage future concessions for the season. We will mentor them to start and hopefully turn it over to them to run on their own.

As for the league, David Bartos talked to us about how it all came together. 111 kids signed up, which was great, however there were a lot of 3-5 year olds and a mix of the other ages. Combined with requests for kids to be on the same teams with friends/coaches and a lack of coaches, splitting the teams was somewhat difficult. The middle ages teams have ranges from 6-9 and 8-11 so there is a lot of crossover and rather large teams. The solution for the middle age teams is to split the games in half, younger kids playing first half, older kids playing second. The older kids, ages 12-14, only had enough for one team so they are playing against Near West Rec teams in Ohio City. This will be a work in progress and all comments/suggestions are welcome. Contact David at 216-322-0478 or

>> OB Basketball Clinics


Discussed the potential for a series of kids' basketball clinics to be held this winter. Need to figure out location, how they would work, but the idea would be to have 8 weeks of clinics held on Saturdays. The clinics would end in a 3 on 3 tournament. Yvonne Horstman offered to head this up and would need some help with volunteers and the OBCDC. Will continue to look into the idea and discuss at next meeting.

>> Grant for Ice Rink in Loew Park


The Old Brooklyn Community Development Corporation is working on a grant that would provide funds for an Ice Rink in Loew Park. The idea is to make Loew a year-round park for the community. In the spring/summer months the area could be used as a dog park or other use to be determined. They asked the OBFG for a letter saying we will support the installation and programming of the rink and will work with them and neighborhood partners in making this a success. We supplied this letter and agreed to work with them over the next year (should they get the grant) to come up with ideas and ultimately a plan to make this successful. Councilman Kevin Kelley is also in support of this project and enthusiastic about the potential.

**Next meeting -- Tuesday, October 4, 2016

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