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Monthly Meeting Recap - May 2, 2017


Review of Recent Events

>> Education Summit - April 26th - William Cullen Bryant


About 80 people showed up - about half were teachers, mostly from WCB, but all schools represented aside from St. Leo's and St. Mary's. Successful summit. Recap will be sent out to groups. Leadership committee end of May/early June. Anyone interested can sign up for focus groups/committees through Ramses.

Cleveland Transformation Alliance - had a good safety forum. Talked about things like RTA busses purposely passing groups of kids up causing issues in the neighborhood. Looking at ideas like and older kids Safety Town.

>> Community Builders Conference - April 29th


Need update from Renee -

>> Summer Education Series Grant

Kristen, Meghan & Renee went for the interview on Tuesday, April 4th. The interview went well and  interviewer really loved the project idea. We should hear back around first week of May. Just as last time though the amount of asks is twice as much than they have to give so it may be tough to get fully funded. Should we not get the full amount the planning group will revisit the list and come up with ways to fill in weeks with other cost-free activities.

Upcoming Events

>> Old Brooklyn Education Fair - May 17th - Estabrook

Getting families in front of administrators to educate them on quality schools in Old Brooklyn - OBFG to set up an information table. Volunteers: call for on FB. Kristen to look into new business cards. Create short flyer about OBFG and Summer events.

>> Pedal for Prizes - May 20th - Estabrook

OBFG to run a concession stand. Will sell pizza, popcorn, granola bars, Gatorade, water. John contacting an OB Collaborators member who has fruit contact at West Side Market. If donated can give away the fruit for free. Renee also said something about a person who could donate fruit possibly. Meghan and Holly looking into concessions - check on popcorn inventory. 

>> OBFG Summer Arts & Culture Series / CLE Summer Cinema - June 13–August 22

Discussed top choices should we not get full funding. Still waiting to hear about funding. Will have breakout planning meeting once funding is determined. Book to look into using Square - meet with Jason.

>> Smorgasbord / OBFG Kids' Zone - July 23rd

5pm - 11pm / OBFG Kids' Zone will run from 5-8:30 the latest. Talk with Grace and Christ Church about Face painting. Horizon has connections with animal guy / science projects - can do a Nursing Station - kids activities. Meghan to contact Dairy Queen about using their carnival games. Talk to Suzanne Caraballo about Baby Bootcamp.

Additional Information

>> Fiscal Agent Form

Need a few signatures from group. Bring to next Summer planning meeting. Beth, Holly and Anna Maria have the ability to sign off on reimbursements.

>> Events Schedule

Group fees we need to plan out our major events and a few smaller to pepper in between. No longer plan a major event each month. Discuss at May meeting.

Next meeting: TBD

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