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Monthly Meeting Recap - Apr. 12, 2017


Review of Recent Events

>> 3-on-3 Tournament


Very successful, well-run and a lot of fun! Props to Yvonne for organizing this with Ramses and Estabrook! Had a nice turnout of kids in both age groups and good levels of competition. The contests and games for individuals and teams went over well and it would be great to organize this again! Great feedback from participants and parents.

>> Restaurant Month


Program was successful overall. Most restaurants did alright with collecting receipts and encouraging customers to participate. The Hopp Inn and Steve's did the best. China Jade put the box in the corner and clearly forgot about it! Cafe Miami still has one of the boxes and we most likely won't be getting that back due to Larry having some misguided thoughts about who we are and what we were trying to do. Along that line, and as expected, there were some people who refused to participate because they didn't want us to have their contact info and try to "spam" them down the road. On the other hand, the raffle winners were all very excited about their winnings (gift cards to local eateries, CIFF vouchers, Zoo apparel). 


Unfortunately we couldn't get a good read on how much was actually spent because quite a few places didn't use receipts for the entries - just used paper. Should we repeat this next year we will need more help with recruiting places, delivering boxes and keeping in touch with the participants.

Instead of doing a whole month next time, we consider doing "OBFG Day at specific restaurant." Run them once every couple months, get better relationships with businesses.

>> Family Swim Day


Had a successful signup with almost 30 kids / 30 adults registered. Approximately 15-17 kids showed. Those who did came from 4 different schools. Word of mouth was very good through schools. Everyone had fun and enjoyed the activities provided. Parents and swim staff appreciated us putting it on. Estabrook staff was really great and kept everyone engaged. Good awareness for Estabrook. Going to try to arrange more of these.

>> Summer Education Series Grant

Kristen, Meghan & Renee went for the interview on Tuesday, April 4th. The interview went well and  interviewer really loved the project idea. We should hear back around first week of May. Just as last time though the amount of asks is twice as much than they have to give so it may be tough to get fully funded. Should we not get the full amount the planning group will revisit the list and come up with ways to fill in weeks with other cost-free activities.


>> Old Brooklyn Soccer

Gets started April 15th will run for 6 weeks.

>> Pedal for Prizes - Saturday May 20th

John would like OBFG to consider running our concession stand for Pedal on May 20th. Haven't heard back on the volunteer needs.

>> Items from Jeff Verespej

1) Education Summit April 26th - William Cullen Bryant ( Would like a strong presence from OBFG and asks us to encourage people to go. This will be the meeting where voices matter most regarding the future of education in Old Brooklyn. Kids are welcome and encouraged to come because there will be activities for them to participate in, they will also be asked to give input and there will be sitters from Horizon available for the little ones.


2) Summer Movie nights - Wants to know if OBFG would like to take over selling beer, soda, water. OBCDC will supply it every week and we can have the money made on soda/water to reimburse for the work. 


3) Smorgasbord July 24th- Wants us to come up with ideas for "the best ever" Family Fun Zone. Also wants us to manage the execution of it and gather volunteers to run it. OBCDC will pay for it, possibly also Horizon will be a sponsor and may help work it. We can have a balance of free vs. paid activities and whatever money we generate, we can keep. I'd like to get a Dunk Tank as those are great for fundraising. Need to brainstorm other ideas. We can also run our concessions that day. 

Look into OMG Inflatables, Art Museum, Amazon Eric, Cavs, Skyline Art (Create mini Old Brooklyn), Recess CLE, Texas Roadhouse, Bubbles with Bonnie 

>> Adopt a Cop Program

Program going well - kids loving it. Will continue to move through all OB schools.

>> Bike Library at Benji 

Pilot program will start next year. If it goes well will expand to other schools.

>> Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for William Rainey Harper

Will happen in May. School set to open 2018-2019 school year.

Upcoming Events

>> See items listed above under Jeff V. updates

>> Community Builders Conference - April 29th - East Professional Center

Learning opportunity for CLE residents who want to build & sustain street clubs and grassroots community groups. Register online at

>> Old Brooklyn Education Fair - May 17th - Estabrook

Getting families in front of administrators to educate them on quality schools in Old Brooklyn

Additional Thoughts

>> Events Schedule

Group fees we need to plan out our major events and a few smaller to pepper in between. No longer plan a major event each month. Discuss at May meeting.

Next meeting: Tuesday, May 2, 2017

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