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Monthly Meeting Recap - March 13, 2018

Upcoming Events

>> Swim Party - Saturday April 14th - 1 to 3pm - Estabrook Rec Center

Meghan and Kristen confirmed the date and time with Christine (aquatics director) at Estabrook. Kristen will set up an event/registration page on SignUp Genius so we can have a head count. Christine will have pool games and activities ready to go for the event. Feel free to share the event page on all your networks.

>> Pedal for Prizes - Saturday May 19th - 10am registration / 2pm raffle

OBFG will run a table and give away fruit, granola bars and OBFG sunglasses, along with our usual promotion of the group, email signups and if needed, assisting as PFP organizers need us. We will also run a "tricycle race" open to adults and children. Each competitor will be given a ticket upon completion of the "race" that will enter them into a drawing to win a trike. Two will be raffled off -- Holly is working on getting two new tricycles donated.

  • Kristen is working with Carlos (OBCDC) and some people at MetroHealth to see if Metro would be interested in partnering and providing the fruit/granola bars. Also talking to them about having a presence there to do blood pressure screenings and promote their "MetroHealthy" program.

  • Reggie Clark has connected with his friend at NOOMA (local energy drink company) to set up a table and provide samples/coupons/etc.

  • Katie Brown/Christ Church will have a table and will hand out small first-aid packets with band-aids and antiseptic wipes -- leave it open to their creativity.

  • Tony/Beth/Gateway are in talks with John Young (PFP organizer) about setting up a Pedal stop at the Jesse Owens tree at Rhodes. There are some hangups with getting the fence open on a weekend. CMSD requires $69.50/hour to get a custodian to handle that. Currently speaking with OBCDC and looking into the permitting process. Brigid Hopkins offered to contact some people to see if there was a way to offset this.

  • Kristen looking into the cost of OBFG sunglasses as summer giveaway - will report back to admins.

>> OBFG Neighborhood Meetups

Need to determine dates for early Summer and Fall neighborhood gatherings at coffee shops and bar/restaurants. Use CNP microgrants to fund and provide food/apps 0f some sort.

>> Summer movie nights

OBFG will not run concessions this year due to the amount of work and limited volunteer help. The kettle corn company will take over concessions and the fundraiser money that comes from it will go to OBCDC to help pay for event permitting. 

OBFG will have a tent/table area to pass out Market Dollars (we will use our funds to supply $100/week for 10 weeks) and promote the group. Working on activities with some of our partners in the neighborhood that can run during the 1-1.5 hours we're there (face painting, balloon animals, painting in the park, etc).

Waiting to hear back from OBCDC on details.

>> Summer Smorgasbord

Waiting on details from OBCDC but the plan is to run concessions and Kids Zone again. TBD...

Next meeting: Tuesday, May 1, 2018

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