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Monthly Meeting Recap - Mar. 7, 2017


Review of Recent Events

>> February Zoo Family Nature Club


A little less structured than in past but a ton of fun. Kids built projects out of sticks, played on own for much of it. Kids got free Zoo sweatshirts. About 20 kids / 15 parents showed. OBFG promotion seemed to pull a bigger crowd. March 18th next event at Brookside. 

>> Summer Education Series Grant

Currently waiting to hear back on status. Did get confirmation that Kung Fu Academy on Memphis is interested in participating as well so that takes us up to 8 confirmed participants. Will need one to two more possibly.


>> Ramses' Updates from OBCDC

1.) Cop Adopt a School kickoff at Mary Queen of Peace Friday at 8:30 - First 3 schools to adopt program will be MQP, WCB and Benji. Will have organized bi-weekly activities with CPD as a way to strengthen community relations with schools, families and kids. Next year 3 more schools will participated first half of year, then another 3, etc. Goal being all OB schools to participate. Program was formed out of OBCDC Education Summit.

2.) 8 more kids signed up for March Madness tournament at Estabrook and OBCDC will cover prizes for youth participating. Have about $100 to spend.


3.) Recommendations needed from OBFG for programs to be funded. Ramses will be applying for grants this and he upcoming months.


Ask Ramses to look into dictionary program. 

-- STEAM program

-- Camping program (maybe outreach through CLE Scouts) or a one-day camping outing (no sleepover)

-- Neighborhood Chess Club

-- Squaredancing

-- Community art program

-- Something involving gardening/cooking (coordinate with Lisa's City Fresh stop)

-- Kids cooking class

Group to think about ideas and communicate via OBFG email and Facebook.

4.) Bike library at Benjamin Franklin, another grant to promote bike library in Old Brooklyn, and healthy grants to promote healthy eating and fitness programs at healthy schools. 

5.) School breakfast with the Loseto's (Gateway Church) and William Cullen Bryant and Benjamin Franklin in May. OBCDC helped facilitate. Doing a pancake breakfast - teacher appreciation. Trying to arrange for same time as Adopt a Cop. Also look for Gateway's summer camp dates - coming in June. For kids up to 5th grade.


6.) Browns coming to William Cullen Bryant Thursday - program through American Dairy Assoc. Joel Bitonio will be visiting for breakfast with the kids. 


8.) Chris Kuhar (Zoo) recruiting high school students for environmental jobs in Old Brooklyn. We have a flyer with all the info and will be posting our our social outlets. Next job fair is March 18th at the Zoo 11a-2p. 


9.) OB Youth Soccer signups underway and will be played at Grace Church (special needs) and Estabrook. 


10.) Recruitment for OBALL and OBYL currently underway.

>> Old Brooklyn Historical Society

If OBFG members are interested in attending meetings and/or joining feel free to attend a meeting this Friday 3/10, 7pm Pearl Rd. Methodist Church. If interested in going to opening of Pearl Ariel Center on 3/14, go to OB Historical Society meeting, become a member and get an invite. $5 membership cost.


>> Old Brooklyn Crime Watch Meetings

Watch our social media pages and the Old Brooklyn Crime Watch Facebook page for updates if interested in participating.

Upcoming Events

>> Basketball Tourney - Saturday May 11th

10am-about 1pm at Estabrook. 3-on-3 tourney, free throw, Knockout and lay up contest. Kids will receive t-shirts. OBCDC will donate $100 for prizes. If we need more OBFG will contribute - up to $50. Yvonne to contact Ramses about gathering prizes and breakdown of age groups. Group looked into cost of basketballs as prizes and types of gift cards that might be good to give away.

**Anyone interested in assisting or coaching email

>> Restaurant Week 


Need to find out where OBCDC stands with gift cards for prizes. Still trying to get information from most Pearl restaurants (runs next week starting 3/12). State and Broadview are pretty set. A few stragglers on Broadview but commitments from almost all places. Need to figure out logistics for box gathering and doing the drawing. Admin group will hash out online and call for volunteers if necessary.

>> Pedal for Prizes - Saturday May 20th

OBFG asked to help with gathering volunteers - waiting to hear back from John/Bruce/Becky of PfP. Help will be needed for registration, set up, sign drop off. Volunteer opps day before and day of.


Get CPD Bike Police contact from Anna Maria re: safety lesson 

Additional Planning

>> April Family Swim

Laura McShane to talk to Estabrook (Kim) about the details. Idea is to have a large open-swim event for the neighborhood.

>> Other Activities

Lisa going to research the Red Cross babysitting class - for kids 11 and up. Might be good for Girl Scout badge requirement. 

Laura mentioned Cuyahoga Valley National Park train ride free for 80 people.

Canal Way Nature Center - encourage members to go on the site. Activities and opportunities for families through the Metroparks. Summer camp registrations coming up quickly.

>> Financial Contract

Beth, Anna Maria & Holly will be 3 financial signers for all financial transactions. Kristen and Meghan will sign OBCDC contract to confirm OBCDC as our fiscal agent. We now have official OBFG expense forms. Please ask for one for any reimbursements down the road.

Next meeting: Tuesday, April 4, 2017

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