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Monthly Meeting Recap - Feb. 7, 2017


Review of Recent Events

>> Game Night

Approximately 80 people turned out. Overall good response. Concerns that it wasn't as intimate as being in one room. Slide was a distraction from games, but kids definitely loved it. Horizon staff was huge help and very friendly. Councilmen were really happy that more schools were interacting. Set up last year did leave more opportunity to go to different game tables. Maybe consider more of a hall setting next year - also vary location to include more parts of the community.


>> Basketball Clinics

Good start - kids/parents had good response. Averaged 15-20 younger kids - Older kids more so trickled in but still ways to develop the older age group. Potentially needs to be a standing event to get more word of mouth and develop a following. Kids were definitely engaged and had a lot of fun. Most everyone will be participating in March 3 on 3 tournament. Ramses and Yvonne will make the time in the gym more than just the tourney - add in a few other contests. Working on getting prizes with OBCDC. 


>> Broadway School of Music & the Arts - Emily Hoag - Community Outreach

Emily joined the group tonight to discuss BSMA offerings and ideas on how OBFG can partner with them. BSMA will be providing programming for this summer's Ed Series. Try to get an assessment of what types of music are available in OB at schools, extra offerings - see how BSMA might be able to fill some slots. Work together on marketing to OB residents. 

Potentially come up with a March arts event? Explore some ideas.

What type of community event would be best to offer? What's the price point? How long does it go? Continuous class or drop-in? 

>> Neighborhood Connections grant


Will be submitted by Friday 2/10. Have most commitments confirmed - can fill remaining slots once we know we have the grant. Trying to fund Market Dollars again this year. Will find out if accepted in 10-12 weeks. 

>> OB Soccer: Spring 2017

Due to the construction in Loew Park, Old Brooklyn Soccer won't resume until Fall 2017. Unfortunate inconvenience, but info regarding the Fall season will be posted as soon as it's available!

Upcoming Events

>> February Zoo Family Nature Club


Help promote the February Zoo Family Nature Day 2/25/17 - "OBFG Day with the Zoo Family Nature Club -- Free all-day admission to the Zoo and Rainforest, Get in early, Free snacks, Explore the Zoo like never before with a Zoo Naturalist." Make sure to dress for the weather. 

>> Restaurant Week Participants


Currently contacting restaurants on Memphis, Pearl, Broadview & State. So far good response and restaurants excited to participate. 

Holly to contact OBCDC about boxes and prizes - 1 each week and 1 grand prize

Holly to let us know how many boxes - will need to drop off and pick up boxes on the Sunday a.m. of each week. 

At the end of restaurant week tally up totals spent and how many participants - share analytics. 

Monday drawing - people with receipts hold on to them and we'll count up #s at April meeting. Final grand prize drawing held at April meeting.

Anna Maria to look into automated phone service and report back.

>> Pedal for Prizes - Saturday May 20th

OBFG asked to help with gathering volunteers - put out a call on our FB page and other web outlets. Help will be needed for registration, set up, sign drop off. Volunteer opps day before and day of.


Get CPD Bike Police contact from Anna Maria re: safety lesson 

>> March STEM Event

Meghan to look into some ideas - talk to Ramses about FHNT. Rhodes?

Other News

>> Finance Committee

Holly, Beth and Book will be our "Treasury Trio" - two signatures will be required to sign of on submission of reimbursements and to approve expenses.

Next meeting: Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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