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Monthly Meeting Recap - Jan. 3, 2017


Review of Recent Events

>> Small Business Saturday

Great turnout. Lots of receipts - waiting on more accurate count. Winners were excited about prizes. Retail participants happy with turnout and looking forward to doing it again. Consider running something similar on other weekends aside from just Small Business Saturday.


>> Cookies & Cocoa with Santa

Large turnout - people overall happy with event. Great feedback from most. Some complained about having to wait in line and go through the crafts and games. Consider "fast pass option" for next year. Both OBFG activities (Gateway/Christ Church) a hit. St. James felt underutilized since they were last activity. Most likely because people were ready to go at that point. 

>> December Meeting/Holiday Party

About 70 attendees. Everyone seemed to enjoy crafts, food and mingling. Dina's was a great host, but space was limited for size of group and number of kids. Live drawing for Small Business Saturday was a success. Winners contacted the next day were excited and had great things to say about Small Biz Saturday.


>> Finances

OBCDC signed an agreement to have OBCDC be our fiscal agent. OBCDC will assist OBFG with grants, fund management, etc. Best choice for safety of funds. Discussed totals in CDC account, lock box and leftovers from summer grant that need to be dealt with.


Group to assign a number of people as authorizing agents since there is a conflict of interest with Book as president of OBCDC being treasurer of OBFG. Having a few people allows for transparency/covering authorizations. Will discuss at Feb. meeting.

>> CLE Summer Cinema / OB Farmer's Market


Both confirmed for 2017. OBCDC would like for OBFG to continue with programming. 9 weeks from June to August. Group will come up with a list of potential participants. 

>> July Street Fest: Smorgasbord Old Brooklyn

Sunday July 23rd. 11-6pm. Pearl Road shut down between State and Wildlife Way. Art, food, drinks, entertainment - great Kids Zone. Idea to promote visitors to come to Old Brooklyn. Hoping for 8-10,000 people. OBFG asked to sponsor Kids Zone. 

**OBFG consider Neighborhood Connections grant for either Summer Series or Smorgasbord.

Upcoming Events

>> Basketball Clinics


Clinics are on but Estabrook may be requiring date/time changes. We're going with plans as is, but waiting to hear back. Good response from attendees, going to keep signups open since not all the schools passed out the forms before break. 

>> Game Night 1/20/17 - 6:30pm


Horizon Education Centers on Pearl will be hosting the event. Attendees should bring app or dessert to share, drinks for their group and games to play. OBCDC/OBFG will provide paper goods. RSVP encouraged on Facebook. Ramses to check on tables/chairs that aren't kid-sized. 

>>  March OB Restaurant Month​ 

Encouraging dining out in Old Brooklyn. Hold weekly drawings of receipts restaurants collect in OBFG raffle boxes. Ask restaurants to offer special for one week. Break it up by street (Memphis, Pearl, State, Broadview). Then do drawing for each street - one winner per week. Need 4 prizes - OBCDC has prizes. Renee/Vinnie to contact Memphis, Kristen contact Broadview, Tony/Beth contact State, John Young to contact Pearl. Looking to do this month March. Ask about Fish Frys for Lent. Holly will get boxes from Jeff. Vinnie to tweak SBS flyer and will pass out to participating businesses.

Memphis: March 5-11

Pearl: March 12-19

State: March 19-25

Broadview: March 26-Apr 1

Set up FB page for each week with info for all restaurants

>>  February Event: Adult-Only Traveling Happy Hour

Option 1: Start at CLE Jam and then to OB Cheese - people bring own wine, CLE Jam/OB Cheese supply apps. Move to Drink - ask Brian for all night Happy Hour? People would pay in advance and RSVP to attend - ticket sales? OBCDC to co-sponsor with #whatsyouroldbrooklyn campaign. Charge to cover costs or at least offset.

Other option: Ask Radihka about Happy Hour at the Bank Building. Have CLE Jam and OB Cheese set up apps there. Rosemary/Goldhorn as drink sponsor? Then move onto Drink. Ask Anna Maria about Radihka connection. Contact Rosemary about condition of Bank bldg. Meghan to contact Rosemary and Anna Maria to start.

Maybe invite Slices or Cake Royale for pastry?

Put a cap on number of attendees - Kristen contact Jason for info. 

>> Backup February Event: Help promote the February Zoo Family Nature Day 2/25/17 - "OBFG Day with the Zoo Family Nature Club -- Free all-day admission to the Zoo and Rainforest, Get in early, Free snacks, Explore the Zoo like never before with a Zoo Naturalist." Ramses to contact to find out if we can get anything specific for the group. 

>> March STEM Event 


March 11th - Mary Queen of Peace Parish Center already reserved for Girl Scouts but not using. OBFG could do a STEM event on that day. Research potential projects. 

>> Summer Education Series Grant

Due February 10th - need to start contacting people to participate. Ideas: Arts Renaissance Tremont, Art Museum, Tailspinner Theatre, Cavs Scream Team, Beck Center, Playhouse Square, St. Ed's Trash Can Band, Ignatius Jugglers, Any high school marching bands - Rhodes?, look into a Drum Circle, Chardon Polka Band, Browns Fuel Up to Play 60

Meeting this week/next to come up with contact list and grant writing participants.

Next meeting: Tuesday, February 7, 2017

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